How To Get 100% Results Out of Bodybuilding Supplements

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Bodybuilding supplements are an important component for any diet and exercise regime. The correct use of these supplements is the key to maximizing their benefit! There are a number of factors to consider which will guarantee optimized benefit of your bodybuilding supplement.

Firstly, you need a supplement that is right for you, secondly, you need to use it at the correct time, and lastly, you need to take the right quantity!

If you are considering using bodybuilding supplements to boost your normal diet and workout regimen then don’t delay! It is a choice you will not regret! Worldwide, people have discovered that using the correct bodybuilding supplement is the final missing ingredient to get them over that last hurdle!

Top workout and fitness gurus all agree that the one of the keys to achieving that flawless physique is the correct use of bodybuilding supplements. Still in doubt about its popularity in the industry?

Just open you favorite muscle or bodybuilding magazine and you will find many articles about top competitors singing the praises of the latest supplement to hit the bodybuilding and fitness market.

You can achieve great results by adding bodybuilding supplements to your program, but it is highly important to use them correctly. Bodybuilding supplements are formulated to be a powerful dietary and exercise enhancement. Undesirable side effects can result from using these supplements incorrectly!

On the flip side, however, the correct use of bodybuilding can help you achieve levels of fitness and body sculpting that you have only dream’t of! Let’s take a more in depth look at the steps you need to follow to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit out of your bodybuilding supplements.

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The first step, and it is the most important one, is to make sure that the bodybuilding supplement you purchase is the right one for your particular body and its needs. The key questions to ask yourself here is what are your bodybuilding goals and what is your starting point?

Do you want to achieve a lean muscular physique like a greyhound, or a massive muscular physique like a pitbull? Your starting point is also important.

Are you a naturally skinny guy that finds it extremely difficult to add muscle mass, no matter how much iron you push? Or, are you naturally flabby, and find it difficult to achieve those rock hard six-pack abs that you have always dreamed of?

Each of these body types will require a different type of bodybuilding supplement. Choosing the incorrect supplement will undoubtedly end up giving you unsatisfactory and disappointing results.

The second important step to follow in order to get the most out of your bodybuilding supplements is using the correct quantities. Balance is the watchword here! Take too little and you may see no results at all.

Take too much and you may encounter undesirable side effects. The formulation of the bodybuilding supplements requires that you take just the right amount in order to be effective.

The last step, but equally important is that you take your supplements at the right time! Some bodybuilding supplements produce the best results when you take them immediately prior to a workout.

Others produce maximum results when taken immediately after your workout. Do your research carefully on your supplement so that you know the correct time to take your dose for maximum effect!

Getting started with bodybuilding supplements is relatively easy, but you should proceed with extreme caution. Consulting with your doctor before you decide to start with a new bodybuilding supplement would be a wise thing to do.

A nutritionist can provide you with valuable information that will help you to choose the right supplement to achieve your fitness and bodybuilding goals, based on your starting point.

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Types Of Bodybuilding Supplements


The most abundant amino acid found in human muscle. The reason it is supplemented is due to supplement manufacturers claims that natural levels of glutamine are severely depleted when undertaking anaerobic exercise.

Bodybuilders are advised that they should supplement with glutamine since a deficiency could result in a weakened immune system and wasting or reduction of muscle tissue. Long distance runners can benefit from it too as it raises the suppressor cell ratio.


These are precursors to hormones and were most typically sold to bodybuilders as a precursor to the natural hormone testosterone.


Bodybuilders and athletes will often take a powdered form of protein supplement. Protein is a core building block for muscle development. The protein powder is usually mixed with water and some form of flavoring. This is often marketed in the form of a shake or a pudding.

Protein supplements are generally consumed immediately before and after exercising or instead of a meal. The thinking behind protein supplementation is that having a higher protein intake precipitates efficient muscle growth and repair of injured muscle tissue.

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Testosterone Boosters

These can be in the form of naturally occurring plants and vitamins as well as synthetic chemicals that supplement manufacturers claim may produce an increase in body testosterone levels. Some of the more common supplements of this type are ZMA and Tribulus terrestris, also known as puncture vine, Gokshura, caltrop or goat’s head.

Essential Fatty Acids

These are necessary for normal daily life, but especially so for bodybuilding. Cutting out fat in a Bodybuilders diet can often cause you to become fat deficient. There are a number of readily available supplements in health food stores that are a source of essential fatty acids. These can be derived from fish oils and other sources.


This is a naturally occurring organic acid. Its function is to supply energy to the muscle cells for quick short bursts of energy, increasing energy and strength. It can be purchased in a variety of forms, including creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester, to name a few.

Meal Replacement Products

These products can be in the form of either pre-packaged drink mixes or edible bars. These can be taken as a replacement for a whole food meal.

The composition of these products is generally high in protein, low fat, and a low carbohydrate count. They are also packed with a vast array of vitamins and minerals. Some of them may also contain other ingredients beneficial to bodybuilders.

Thermogenic Products

This is a generic term for any bodybuilding supplement that helps to increase metabolic rate. Some also increase body temperature. The result of these supplements is an increased rate of burning body fat.

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