20 Brain Power Boosting Foods That Help Improve Memory

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The foods we consume directly influence our brain health. From your ability to sustain attention to memory and cognition, there are specific food groups we must consume to support higher level functioning.

When your focus is not what it used to be or you find yourself mentally fatigued in the middle of the day, a closer look at your diet could reveal the reasons for your sluggish mental performance.

Looking at the 20 brain power boosting foods that can help improve your memory could provide the support you need for high powered, alert and focused results.

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Although coffee and caffeine get a bad rap for its impact on general health, studies have shown that caffeine could be beneficial for long term memory. This does not mean gorging on coffee to boost your memory but rather to be selective of your caffeine and ensure it is consumed in moderate amounts.


Blueberries are a powerful natural food containing polyphenols that assist with a reduction in inflammation in the body. A reduction in inflammation and a source of antioxidants, blueberries have shown improvements in memory in older adults.

Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil is a healthy addition from the preparation of foods to sprinkling the oil over a salad. It plays an important role in maintaining brain health as it includes polyphenols known to fight fatigue and enhance cognitive function.

Olive Oil

The most popular ingredient in cooking and a staple in Italian dishes, olive oil provides incredible skin care but also delivers antioxidants that serve to restore brain health and reverse oxidative damage.


The simple green fruit contains essential fats that decrease oxidative damage and stress. It is a powerful natural addition for improved brain health and function.


Salmon is a delicate fish that is packed with flavor and can be incorporated in many styles of dishes. It is also a fish that is incredibly rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 healthy fats. Omega 3 specifically, assists in the maintenance of healthy brain cell function and formation.

According to studies on Alzheimers, the rich fatty acids found in wild-caught salmon can minimize and slow the progression of the degenerative disease.


The seemingly simply green vegetable is the smart choice for a healthy mind. Consisting of glucosinolates, these compounds optimize brain function and enhance memory.

Red Wine

Like blueberries, red wine contains polyphenols that are inflammation fighting and help combat the effects of stress on the mind and body. Although red wine is a great addition at the dinner table, it should only be consumed in moderate amounts.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate possesses properties much like red wine. It can lift mood and support a healthy memory.


One of the most potent spices, the bright orange and yellow food is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric is easily incorporated in many types of meals and has also shown favorable results in improving the mental capacity of Alzheimer patients.

Pumpkin Seeds

Add pumpkin seeds to your next brunch and contribute to brain health and memory. Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful addition helping to increase your memory by providing the body with zinc.


Eggs contain a large source of protein; however, it is the compound choline that has been shown to accelerate brain development in unborn babies. Consume eggs moderately in a boiled form to benefit from its nutrition.


The dark green leaves of spinach contain folate, vitamin K, lutein and minerals essential for the formation of healthy cells. Studies have indicated that regular consumption of spinach can slow down cognitive decline.


These popular nuts contain essential fats supportive of brain health and a powerful memory. It is most effective in protecting against mental decline and poor mental performance.

Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato is a simple food you can incorporate as part of a lunch or a tasty dinner. It is a healthier choice compared to a traditional baked potato as it contains less starch.

Packed with flavor, a sweet potato supports anti-inflammatory functions in the body. It also delivers antioxidants, with the purpose of protecting the condition of the brain.


The leafy vegetable is a low carb food making it a great addition for those on a diet looking to lose weight. It also contains a compound that supports a healthier gut. Kale provides cognitive support in the form of vitamin K and its anti-oxidant compounds.


Maintain your health and your brain function by consuming walnuts. Research has revealed that walnuts can improve brain function and balance. The nutrition in walnuts is suitable for older adults who wish to optimize their brain health.


The Dandelion greens encourage mental strength, balance and power. These plants are also ideal for managing digestive processes and the healthiest brain protection.


The long vegetable that is asparagus, helps to improve your gut health while supporting the long-term neural function and response times of your brain and memory.


Kimchi is a probiotic and an antioxidant all-in-one. It is an effective addition to the dinner plate, assisting with memory and mental performance.

From kimchi to kale, brain health foods are powerful in enhancing cognition, mental performance and energizing the mind. Be sure to plan your lunch, supper and breakfast with any of these whole foods and you can naturally protect against the changes in the brain responsible for poor memory and more!

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