3 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Sugar Consumption

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Every year, the average American consumes around 64 kilograms (nearly 160 pounds) of sugar that has been refined. Just give that some thought for a second. That’s a significant quantity of sugar. A just two hundred years ago, our annual consumption of sugar averaged only approximately twenty pounds per person.

We are aware that consuming all of this sugar is not good for us. Our teeth are decaying, we are developing Type II diabetes, and it is adding to the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping throughout the western globe. The harmful thing is that added sugar has made its way into a wide variety of the meals that we eat on a regular basis.

It is not simply the sugary breakfast cereals or the ice cream that are to blame for this problem. To just a few examples, the salad dressings, frozen meals, and spaghetti sauce that we purchase all include some amount of added sugar.

What are some ways that we may reduce the quantity of sugar that we put into our bodies on a daily basis? To get started, let’s get rid of some of the more serious offenders.

Reduce Your Intake of Soda and Other Sugar-Containing Drinks

Let’s get started with a simple step that won’t take much effort but will have a significant effect. Put an end to your use of soda and other sugary drinks. This includes items that appear to be quite harmless, such as the sweet tea or the elaborate coffee drink that you are now enjoying. Nevertheless, it might also refer to your preferred juice beverage.

Examine the nutrition labels to determine how many teaspoons of sugar are contained in the beverages you consume on a daily basis. After that, sever them out. For the next few days, you should only consume water, black coffee, and herbal tea. The adjustment is not going to be simple, but in the long run it will be quite beneficial.

Stop Indulging In Sugar-Laden Treats

The next step is to abstain from eating all of your favorite sweet snacks. Instead of pouring a bowl of sugary cereal into your bowl, why not enjoy a bowl of oats or make some eggs and scramble them? Don’t bother with the muffin, cake, cookies, or sweets. Instead, grab a piece of fruit or some fresh vegetables and start chopping them up.

Find alternatives to your favorite sweets that are low in sugar or contain no sugar at all. Instead of rummaging through the cookie jar when you become hungry in the afternoon, make yourself a sandwich instead. You might also get some cheese and crackers to snack on. Make an effort to retrain your brain and taste receptors so that you do not want sugary sweets during the entire day.

Keep Your Focus On Real Food

Last but not least, make it a priority to cut back on the added sugars that find their way into your diet via a wide variety of quick-and-easy items. It is best to steer clear of anything that claims to be low in fat, fat free, or gluten free because the fat is typically substituted with a significant amount of sugar and salt in order to make the product appealing.

Sticking to actual food is your best bet in this situation. Maintain a focus on using individual items, and prepare all of your meals from scratch. This gives you the ability to manage the ingredients that go into the food that you eat, including the amount of sugar.

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