6 Misconceptions Regarding Female Bodybuilding

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A brief introduction to the sport named ‘Body Building’

First and foremost, what is female bodybuilding? Bodybuilding is a sport that involves strenuous physical exercises to build up and supplement the human body thews.

It consists of anaerobic exercises like weightlifting, sprints, plyometrics, isometrics, and high-intensity interval training. A person who engages in this activity is called a bodybuilder.

It is a highly competitive sport whereby a group of bodybuilders will show off their magnificent muscles and specific routines for a panel of judges to rank their performances based on the criteria of muscularity, symmetry, and conditioning.

Bodybuilding may also use anabolic steroids and other body enhancing drugs to build the muscles in a faster way.

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How and When Women Began Partaking in the Sport? The Onset of ‘Female Bodybuilding’

Female bodybuilding is the constituent element of the competitive sport, bodybuilding. The activity is believed to have started in the late 1970s when women began taking part in bodybuilding sports.

However, the first set of strongest women appeared in the 19th-century, but they were not recognized until years after. In the 1890s, a female bodybuilder named ‘Minerva’ was one of the first weightlifters who lifted twenty-three men’s weights and earned the title as the world’s strongest woman.

Nevertheless, there are a few physiological misconceptions regarding the sport of female bodybuilding.

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Clarification to 6 Misconceptions to Female Bodybuilding

Undergoing Bodybuilding Exercises Makes Women’s Features Masculine

Nowadays, most female athletes are intimated to partake in this activity because of the belief that they will have a rugged and masculine physique. However, that is all fallacy.

You can lift weights more often and perform other bodybuilding workout routines without even changing your feminine form, and how can you do that? By avoiding steroids and anabolic drugs.

The professional female bodybuilders you see on TV and Magazines today do not naturally undergo these weight lifting and workout routines.

To quickly meet the desired physical form and performance that would beat their fellow competitors during an event, they take steroids and other drugs that enhance their body’s muscles.

Another point that debunks the belief that body lifting exercises make a female bulky or adds masculine features to her physique is the fact that women do not produce nearly enough testosterone to bulk up. Now, what is testosterone?

Testosterone is a primary male hormone that plays a vital role in the development of muscles and bone mass. Women do not have enough of this testosterone to create bulky muscles, so there is no way lifting weights can add masculine features to a female’s form.

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Women Weight Training Causes Stiffness

Most people believe that weight training makes a woman stiff and her body begins to become uptight. However, weight training brings much more benefits to your body.

Most people believe that weight training makes a woman stiff and her body begins to become upright.

However, weight training brings much more benefits to your body. Firstly, these exercises don’t cause stiffness in the body. Instead, they help to improve your flexibility so far as you perform all of them at their full range.

For example, exercises like dumbbell presses and flyers stretch your muscles in the bottom range of the movement. Hence, by performing these exercises correctly, you will increase your stretching capabilities.

Undergoing weight training routine involves repeatedly stretching the body, and this helps to build stronger bones and improve your flexibility.

Stopping Weight Training Turns Muscles into Fat

The belief that once you stop partaking in weight training routines, your muscles tend to develop into fat is a fallacy because muscles and fat are two different types of tissues entirely.

When you stop going for your weight training routines, this reduces your muscles and also lowers your metabolism.

Eventually, you might drop the diet and start eating foods that your body may not require, which brings a tendency that your muscles will turn to fat once you stop the weight training routines.

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You will only reduce your muscles if you are inactive and tend to develop fat in your body, once you start eating way too many junk foods.

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There is No Need to Control your Diet When You are Exercising

As a female bodybuilder, it is still necessary to watch the foods that you take because if you consume too many calories than the amount you burn while exercising, your body will accumulate the extra calories no matter how hard you try to work out.

Always remember that whatever you eat, you will still recycle them while exercising. So you will have to watch the number of calories you eat a day to avoid storing fat in the body.

Women Should only Undergo Cardio Exercises

It is best to note that if you only did cardio exercises, then the muscles and fats will be burned for fuel. As long as a lady continues to lift light weights and devotes her time to cardio exercises, she will find it hard to achieve the desired shape she wants.

Why? Because muscles respond faster to resistivity. If there is little or no resistance to the muscles, it will have no reason to grow bigger and stronger, which means that the body has no chances of changing to the desired shape. To get muscle building on the right track, one needs to do weights and thus prevent any loss of muscle tissue.

Weights Should Not Be Too Light

Being a lady should not hinder you from achieving the dream of lifting weights, neither, does it demand you to lift light weights! However, if you are performing very light weights and they offer no resistance to your physical strength, or effort, then the entire exercises are futile.

More so the aim of lifting weights is to create resistance for your body muscles to overcome, irrespective of the gender that is involved in the activity, the main point is to make the muscles resist.

Also, the continuous act of lifting weights (which requires your muscles to overcome that resistance) makes your muscles stronger and enlarges them.

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Do not allow these female bodybuilding misconceptions to prevent you from what is best for your body. All you have to follow is the right exercising programs, maintain a balanced diet, and supplement appropriately to fill in the gaps in your nutrition.

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