How To Rewire Your Brain In 5 Simple Steps

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Claims of positivity and seeking support on how to rewire your brain for goal achievement, have fallen short of achieving its promised results. Although thinking positively and letting go of the past are wonderful ways to increase confidence, it is not a scientifically powerful way to form new habits or attain your goals.

Neuroscientists have unveiled the strategy for rewiring the brain and developing new healthy habits faster. After extensive research, specialists have concluded that the activation of five neural pathways in the brain, is the key to unlocking your cognitive awareness and goal achievement.

We take a closer look at this strategy to help you learn how to rewire your brain and unleash your brain’s potential.

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How it Works

When you start thinking about something, whether positive or negative, it triggers a series of chemical responses. Your brain is activated surrounding subject matter that is related to that thought or topic.

The more you focus on this topic, the greater the emotion and actions tied to it. As we age, we create more feelings and actions connected to a specific topic.

Lastly, the brain consists of trillions of cells. These cells are responsible for millions of emotional and behavioral connections. All neural cells work together and become interconnected when thinking of a specific topic or related subjects that have occurred in our lifetime or set to become part of our future.

According to the discovery made by Donald Hebb in the late 1940s, when neurons are fired thinking of particular topics, emotions and actions; it strengthens the connections between these neurons.

As neurons work together, the brain begins to form powerful neural paths. The more paths created using repetitive thoughts, beliefs, practices, and emotions, the greater and more potent the cognitive changes in your brain.

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Learn How to Rewire Your Brain and Achieve Your Goals with the Following Steps

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Determine Which Beliefs Support Action and Intent

To create strong neural connections, you need to believe in something enough to want to act. If you have a goal for your life, a visual representation is not always necessary, but believing in it is. These thoughts and beliefs must be strengthened to help you achieve your intention.

Celebrate Positivity

Your feelings and emotions power your actions and your intentions. When you think about something, a lack of emotion behind it will not leave you feeling motivated to do anything about your thought.

To achieve a goal, determine which emotions are connected to it. Focus on your intent. Explore the emotions that are positively associated with your intent.

Achieve Your Goals with Repetitive Thought Patterns

To achieve a goal or fulfill your intent, you need to visualize the actions or steps to take to get to where you want to be. See your goal and see the steps to get there. Practicing this daily through repetitive actions, will help you believe in your intention.

Act Towards Achieving Your Goals and Intentions

Your belief leads to your emotion. This emotion supports your belief and facilitates action. It does not make sense to firmly believe in something and have strong emotions connected to it yet act in a manner that is the opposite of what you intend on achieving.

It is simply not possible to rewire your brain and work towards goal attainment if you do not act in accordance with these requirements.

For example, you will not continue to consume sweets and fast foods if your intention is to get healthy. To learn how to rewire your brain you must believe in what you wish to achieve.

Should you desire a promotional position but constantly tell yourself you are not good enough, your career opportunities cannot advance. Positive emotions associated with your goal and the actions to get there must be rehearsed and become part of something you believe in.

Practice Makes Perfect

To form new habits and stick to these habits you must repeat your intentions and your goals. Repeat the thoughts and the positive emotions associated with your goal. See it in your mind, feel it and believe in it.

By actively focusing your thoughts on what you want and believe in, you prevent getting caught up in failures or the past. These steps can help you learn just how to rewire your brain, providing the confidence you need to proceed with your goals and intentions.

Living a healthier, balanced and confident lifestyle is about focusing your thoughts and emotions to achieve a personal goal. The more you think about what you want to achieve, positively, the more your brain forms these strong neural connections associated with this belief system.

By rehearsing and practicing what you intend, there is a science that occurs through neural strengthening in your brain. Understanding how to rewire your brain can help you best attain your goals and live the life you have always dreamed of.

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