Top 10 Myths About Losing Weight

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When it comes to determining ways and causes of losing weight, we find ourselves learning either from our peer’s experience or advice from the internet. But if you dig deeper into the idea of losing weight, you find yourself seeing various contradicting opinions regarding the ways you can lose weight.

Truth is told the results of each weight losing methods vary mainly from our daily meal intake and our body metabolism. So let’s jump into the top 10 myths about losing weight that people believe to work and what doesn’t.

MYTH: Skipping meals helps you to reduce weight

FACT: If a person is not gaining the appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat, the person will have severe changes to their metabolic rate in their body.

MYTH: Eating Fatty Food Makes You Fat

FACT: Consuming fatty foods does not make you fat but consuming it in moderation is suffice to maintain a healthy diet.

MYTH: Eating Carbohydrates Makes You Fat

FACT: Carbohydrates do not make you fat. Generally any meals you consume excessively that your body needs will result to gaining fat. Low-carbohydrates diets such as protein and fat as well as healthy vegetables are very efficient in helping with losing weight.

Refined carbohydrates such as processed sugars from syrup and processed grains would lead to high blood sugar and insulin levels due to fact they have empty calories in it. So for those rice eaters out there, rejoice!

MYTH: Drinking diet soda will help you lose weight

FACT: Diet Soda will severely affect your body and yes it does not help you out with losing weight but instead cause more harm than good. Instead of losing weight you gain more weight due to the side effects of insulin secretion. Moreover, you may find yourself diagnose with type 2 diabetes and various chronic diseases.

MYTH: Supplements can help you lose weight

FACT: Weight loss supplements do help with cutting down weight but they are not the best options and there are side effects with supplement intakes. It is best to lose weight by taking in daily exercises as well as proper daily diet intake.

MYTH: Drinking water leads to losing weight

FACT: As simple as it sounds. Water does not cause you to lose weight but instead it keeps you hydrated and helps curb your appetite. Nonetheless water is essential for our body and pretty much to quench our thirst.

MYTH: Eating at night leads to gaining weight

FACT: It’s how much you eat that affects your weight gain not the factors of when you eat. It is still okay to eat at night especially dinner time as it could curb your desire for late night snack which generally is not a good practice to eat late at night.

MYTH: Being Vegetarian helps you to lose weight

FACT: Yes having a vegetarian diet plan would work, but there is so much effort you need to maintain it just to cut down some weight. Plus you need to put in physical activities and put in proper nutrients into their diet plan for it to work if not you might still ended up gaining weight even if you are practicing a vegetarian diet plan.

MYTH: Drinking milk leads to losing weight

FACT: Calcium in milk will help the body to break down fat more efficiently which leads to weight loss. Low-fat milk, Full- fat milk and skim milk will help out with weight loss depending on the amount of consumption as well as your daily meal intake.

MYTH: Could sleeping lead to losing weight

FACT: Unfortunately sleeping does not help you lose weight but in contrary, if you are lacking on sleep you may find yourself gaining weight instead with varied results depending on your body metabolism and meal intake.

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