Easy to Follow 100% Natural Bodybuilding Routines

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By their very definition, natural bodybuilding routines are when you rely on nothing but the gym and a natural, healthy diet in order to build muscle and get in shape.

Natural bodybuilding proponents don’t use any banned muscle developing drugs such as anabolic steroids and growth hormones. People who stick to natural bodybuilding can rest assured that what they are doing is safe, natural, and right.

The Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

There are several benefits to practicing natural bodybuilding. By putting in the right degree of effort, your body can be just as good as that of any other bodybuilder.

This comes with the added caveat that you know your body was built without compromising your integrity and the integrity of your body itself. You’ve done all of this the hard way, and you can – and should – be incredibly proud of yourself for having done it how you did.

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Natural Bodybuilding Basics

Natural bodybuilding is different from other kinds of bodybuilding in that it is focused more on dietary practices and eating right than working out. They say that abs are made in the kitchen after all.

When it’s all said and done though, the most critical aspect of developing muscles and effective bodybuilding is what kind of workout routine you follow. You should never overlook your training regimen and what you plan on doing in the gym.

You need to accept that putting together the best possible exercise routine requires some research, thinking, and planning on your part. This can all take time and you need to be patient enough to do it. Your patience will be rewarded in the end though.

Once you have a better understanding of which routine works best for you, you can focus on the exercises without worrying too much about injuries or your results. The time that you’ve put into your research leads to guaranteed results and a safer, more effective workout.

Once you’ve put together your plan you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. There should also be less motivation problems, creating a more fun and enjoyable workout.

It helps to consult other people during the process of putting together the perfect routine. Try to find people who have experience with bodybuilding and know their stuff, and get their thoughts and opinions. After putting together your notes, have them looked over by someone else who can verify your findings.

After you are sure that you have a good plan in place, it’s time to get started. While you shouldn’t change your exercise routine too much every other day, it does help to switch things up at least once a month.

This puts your body through new fitness challenges and stresses, which is a necessary step in bodybuilding, and breaks up the monotony that makes working out dull and tiresome.


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Natural Bodybuilding Routine Essentials

No matter what natural bodybuilding routine you put together and follow, there are some things you should always keep in mind;

  • The routine needs to focus on all muscle groups rather than focus on just a few different areas. You should exercise all of your muscles so that you get an ideal body. You don’t want to be the guy (or girl) who skipped leg day.
  • Don’t jump headfirst into an intense workout. Start out with some light stretching and cardio. This gets your body warmed up and prepares you for the intensity and weights to come.
  • You should always rest between workouts. You should rest after a set of exercises, but be careful to avoid resting too much. If you wait too long then your body cools down and you run the risk of injuring yourself with the next set of exercises. It’s also important to rest properly between gym sessions. Exercise on alternate days to give your body time to recover from the stress of the last workout routine.
  • When you feel your body getting comfortable with the routine and it’s not as effective, it’s time to crank it up. Do some extra repetitions and sets to push yourself further. Add some extra weight to make it more of a fitness challenge.
  • Cut down on how much rest you get between sets. This helps to develop your cardiovascular system more. Just be careful to not make the routine too intense. You want to make it more of a challenge, you don’t want to make it so much of a challenge that your body can’t hold up. Keep a nice balance.
  • Keep track of what exercises you do and how intense they are. Also keep track of your vital statistics, including your weight. Measure your muscles and keep track of those measurements too. Taking progress pics and having a photographic record of your progress helps too.

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