6 Best Portable Home Gym Sets For Total Body Workouts

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Due to the changing circumstances in our world, many of us have found ourselves working from home and not able to visit the gym for our usual routine workout. This leaves us with a bit of a dilemma on how to stay fit and healthy while not able to leave home much and with many gyms closed to the public.

Compact portability, convenience, and a total body workout are the key criteria for these 6 of the best home gym sets. Our top 6 selection are The BodyBoss, The BodyGym Core System, The Gorilla Bow, The OYO Personal Gym, The Skboy Portable Gym, and The CASADA MediPull Full Body Gym.

A portable home gym set that gives your whole body a workout in the comfort of your own home is the answer. We have selected 6 of the best portable home gyms in this category that will get back on track for fitness, toning, and weight loss. They are all compact and convenient and leave you with no excuse not to get back in shape!

1. BodyBoss Workout Machine

The BodyBoss allows you to take your own total body workout gym anywhere. It simulates the same exercises that are generally only achieved with heavy-duty, expensive, and bulky gym equipment. All this convenience is jam-packed into a revolutionary concept and portable home gym sets.

The compact format of the gym allows you to store it out of the way in a small space, or take it with you when you travel, to have the convenience of a workout anywhere!

The BodyBoss allows you to get an upper-body workout or a lower body workout, equivalent to having a set of dumbells or a squat-rack in your home!

When getting to the gym is not possible, it is easy and convenient to pull out the BodyBoss and get your full body workout done at home, even while you watch TV!

In addition to full upper and lower body workouts, you can do laser-focused body part workouts to hone particular problem areas. You can even get in a good cardio workout with the resistance boxing exercises!

The BodyBoss is a successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo project that raised over $1million. The design focus was a compact, lightweight, full-body workout product that is easily portable and usable in the home environment and gives a workout as good as if you went to the gym! We believe that the manufacturers more than met the criteria on every level with this exceptional product!

Over 300 proven calorie-burning exercises can be performed on the BodyBoss. It is also totally customizable, allowing the resistance to be adjusted to your fitness or strength levels!

A bonus with this product is the free fitness workout program that comes with the product that will teach you how to use all aspects of the gym set to maximize your workout on this kit!

2. Bodygym Portable Workout Machine

The BodyGym is another full-body workout home gym system that we highly recommend. This system that was designed by a professional athlete focuses on upper and lower body workouts, including the butt, legs, and arms, and simultaneously works on your endurance, your flexibility, and agility!

Our criteria for a compact and convenient full-body workout home gym set are all met in this product since it is truly portable and does not require any installation or complicated setup procedures before you can get started on your workout!

It is extremely lightweight at under 3 pounds and is easily stored or transported with you for you to get your workout in no matter your location!

The adjustability of the BodyGym makes it suitable for both men and women of all fitness and strength levels.

You can even incorporate this home gym system into your regular Yoga or Pilates workout to add additional resistance to the exercises!

The exercises on the BodyGym are low-impact, which makes it perfect for people who have old injuries or are for rehabilitation exercised for recovering from knee and back injuries or surgeries.

The BodyGym comes with a one and a half hour DVD with a workout routine you can follow along with and an additional DVD with over 250 minutes of exercises you can choose from to target certain body areas.

3. Gorilla Bow Portable Workout Machine

The Gorilla Bow is an awesome compact, go-anywhere full-body workout home gym set that will let you train any muscle group with over 300 pounds of resistance pressure!

The Gorilla Bow is lightweight and sturdy, made from aircraft-grade aluminum to give it strength and durability!

The versatility of this home gym will allow you to lose weight, tone muscle, and even build muscle without the effects of impact on any joints!

The levels of resistance are adjustable to cater to the level you are at but still offer a significant workout that you would expect to get at the gym!

Finding a place in your home to store this product is not a problem due to its compact size and convenient storage bags for the bands of varying resistance.

4. OYO Portable Workout Machine

The OYO home gym is another magnificent revolutionary product that brings the full body gym workout into your home in a compact and easy to use format!

The OYO is not only good for the home but is designed to be portable so that it can accompany you anywhere, so you don’t miss out on your training routine!

You can use the OYO at home, in the office, or in your home office, or take it with you when you travel and get a full-body workout with one product!

The OYO is another fitness product that you can easily incorporate into your Yoga, Pilates, or outdoor group exercises to enhance the strength and fitness aspects of these exercises!

Using the OYO for just a few minutes a day, you can build muscle, increase your fat-burning routines, work on your flexibility, and strengthen major muscle groups of the chest and back, arms, core and abs, and your legs. The system can also be used to work on improving your cardio endurance.

Included in the package, you get access to 60 plus workout videos that are graded from beginner to advanced level workouts. You will also have access to almost 200 exercise videos that demonstrate the exercises on the machine. You also get a free nutrition guide to help you keep those extra pounds off while you burn the calories on the OYO!

You can also participate in a 30 day fitness challenge program that uses the OYO to full effect and helps you get started with effective workouts!

The OYO SpiraFlex technology resistance bands are a high tech design that better mimic the use of free weights than other resistance band materials.

This system is contained so that you don’t have to worry about resistance bands coming loose and slapping you in the face or snapping unexpectedly!

The OYO is suitable for both men and women and fitness levels from beginner to advanced, and people of all ages!

5. Skboy Portable Workout Machine

If space is a limited commodity for you in your home or apartment, then the Skboy Portable Home Gym Set is what you are looking for!

This awesome set will give you an intense, full-body workout in a small space! You can set the resistance level of the Skboy by simply adding or removing resistance bands till you are comfortable with the level of resistance offered for the exercise.

The resistance bar is collapsible for easy storage and adjustable so you can get the correct position for your stature before you begin your workout!

The portability of this home gym is exceptional since it comes in a small volume carry bag that makes it perfect for travel and convenient storage at home!

The Sky is very easy to use and gives you access to a fitness workout guide that teaches you how to effectively use this home gym and get a thorough full-body workout!

6. CASADA Portable Workout Machine

The Casada MediPull is one of the most compact home gym full body workout sets that we have seen! Not being able to get to your local gym is no longer an excuse with this awesome home gym kit! You can workout indoors, outdoors, at home, in the office, when you travel, or any other place where you care to take the MediPull along with you!

Whether your fitness goal is stamina building or power training, the MediPull is ideal for getting your workout almost anywhere!

This compact unit has adjustable tension levels in 3 settings up to a maximum of 7.5kg. The rope length is 1.9m, which will allow you to fully extend your arms or legs to completely work the muscle groups!

The suction cups fasten quickly and securely to many types of surfaces and thus allow you to change the plane of exercise to work different parts of the body and different muscle groups.

You can use this device in multiple positions, from sitting down to lying down, or standing upright, which makes the unit versatile in many locations and for various applications.

There is minimal assembly required to quickly get the unit set up, and your workout started. The only requirement is a smooth surface where the suction cups can get a good airtight seal.

The Medill will give you the ability to do an upper body workout, a lower body workout, or both, whether you are at home, in a hotel room, or in the office.

Because the unit can be placed at varying, it offers an effective workout for people of any height and both men and women!

The high tension resistance bands are designed for strength and to be skin-friendly so that you don’t have those sometimes painful experiences of the rubber sticking to your skin!

The range of exercises you can easily perform on this compact and truly portable home gym will give you the capacity to work out your abs and core muscles, your legs and hips, as well as your arms, shoulders, and back.

Multifunctional: Use these fitness bands to perform rows, pulls, raises, and workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs, chest, and abdominal region.

The unit allows for a 360°rotation, which allows you to exercise from any angle, posture, or position! The Medill is the ideal compact, full-body home gym and is one of the most versatile units for its size!

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